S22 ultra compatible phone

Interested to know the difference between the s22 and s21 , didnt think there was a great difference but one is compatible and one isnt yet, i have the s22 ultra and cant wait till its fully compatible, any idea when this will be ?

The timeline is not clear currently, but we are trying to discuss with Samsung.

Any updates on this? Is there maybe a timeline now? I cant wait to use my powerful phone and see what I can do with it in AR!

Can we maybe “make” it compatible by using methods nreal isnt allowed to?

It is a bit sad to see such a promising technology with so few supported hardware…

Sorry but no, because this is mainly determined by Samsung. We need the support of Samsung system and hardware, so there is no other method from us.

That is really sad but nothing you can do about…

But I am for sure looking forward to it!

Will the be a notification when new phones get supported or do I have to check every now and then?

Thank you for your fast answer!

Thank you for your understanding. We will update the models on our official website. Also, I will open a new topic in the forum to notify you guys when new models are added.

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