SALE - NReal Light Developer Kit

Guys, I bought the dev kit but my team changed its goal. We are not going to use it anymore. So I would like to sell it. Is anyone interested? (we used it twice, it is totally new…) - I am in Czech Republic

Hi! I’m looking a dev kit for my innovation team. Can u tell me more about it

I’m from spain. Thxs!

Hi, sure…
I bought the development kit because my team had some ideas and we wanted to try it. However, our goals changed, and we moved to different projects. Unfortunately, none of them are related to VR.
We played with the kit a few times, we even created an application that could capture images and use Azure AI to describe the environment or read any text in the scene, playing it as an audio. (For example, a person with vision impairment or totally blind could “see/hear” what was around).

Besides the Nreal light glasses model NR-9101GGL and its accessories, the dev-kit contains a computing unit and controller. You can use them the computing unit to develop, debug, test, and validate your application without a phone. It supports WiFi, Bluetooth, USB-C, Micro-USB.

We were extremely careful with the kit, so it is totally new! Because of this, I think a good price would be 900EUR + shipment. It is a good price because as I am in the Czech Republic, you won’t have to pay any fee of customs clearance.

The actual price of this kit is 1199 USD ( ~1120 EUR) + shipment + custom clearance.

What do you think? Let me know if you have any specific questions or if you want to share contacts and have call.

The full description of the kit is here:

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Is it still available. I am happy to buy it.
I am visually Impaired myself and want to develop an app that can change the colors of objects so i can see them better. (More like a vision enhancer)

You think this can work?
Also how would you like to get paid?

Please check this link:

It’s sold out in the international global store. I need a new set, because my current glasses doesn’t get recognised anymore by my phone or the compute unit. Just as a external screen. Do you know when it will be available again?

Hello, I still have the developer kit, and actually, it is new, and used only twice.

Let me know if you are interested in it.

Hi @zinaibre,

I’m interested in purchasing your devkit. Is it still available?

Hi @Dane ,

Yes, it is available. I am in Prague, Czech Republic, so if you are in Europe you won’t have to play any fee of customs clearance. Where should I send the product? (so I can calculate the price)

Hi Zinaibre,

Hope you are doing well. I was wondering if you can sell me just the Compute Unit with the little controller and if so can you please message me? I’d be paying for shipping of course. Thanks a bunch and thanks!

-Michael R.