Samsung Dex for Nreal Light

I’ve been seeing that Samsung Dex is usable by Nreal Air devices, but it does not work with Nreal Light devices. Can anyone explain why this is? Is this something that can be corrected by a firmware fix for the light? I don’t see any physical components that would cause this issue. It seems like the output and input on both devices use the same specs, unless the usb-c cable for the Air is upgraded to a newer version of usb-c. Is it? Can a Nreal Air and Light engineer shed light on this question?

We paid a lot for our devices for them to be limited by lack of firmware updates.

Hi developer. The error should only happen on Air, cause Samsung has helped to integrated the Dex mode on Light. So there is no such issue on Light.
And for the reason, it is because that Android system doesn’t detect the display of glass or DP of glass when Dex is enabled. It is not only determined by our firmware, mostly determined by Samsung part.

So it sounds like Light should support Dex then? I believe when it initially released Dex worked until some update last year. Its ashame because Dex was my initial use case when buying the Light, and now it seems I would have been served better with another product.

I can confirm dex works on my light I bought from verizon on my s10 5g running andriod 10…tho it only runs in dex and mirrior not through the nebula app, I get error. I already play steam ect movie ect with it on dex Shame tho that the nebula app dosnt work with anddriod 10…it was suppose to but it doesnt and I dont want to upgrade my phone casuse Ill lose my gear vr if i upgrade.

I have to clarify this for you. What I meant was when you use Light in MR Space with Dex mode on, there is no error tip which happens in Air.
But if you want to use Light, also need Dex mode working, then it is not allowed. Cause SamSung has disabled the Dex function when the system detects our Light. It is determined by SamSung system.

That is weird that Samsung would disable dex when it detects our lights and not the airs.

Has anyone reverse engineered dex to see this particular code?

Does Samsung Dex still not work on the Nreal Light?

I’m afraid so. This is determined by Samsung’s system.