Samsung phone camera stopped working with Nreal Light due to security policy

I am using the Nreal Light glasses connected to a Samsung S21 Ultra. I was able to connect the glasses, run the phone camera app and see the camera app in the Nreal glasses. Now I am getting an error stating, “security policy prevents use of camera”. Searching the internet, I find others having this issue with external displays using Samsung phones, but none of their suggested fixes solve the issue for me. Has anyone had this issue with a Samsung phone and found the solution? Thank you. Chris.

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Yes. I have the same phone and problem with European Exynos chip. My colleague has EXACTLY the same phone with USA Qualcomm chip and NO issues.

Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. I have a USA Qualcomm chip. There was a Nebula update around the time it stopped working, however there was also a Samsung security update to April 1. I lean towards the security update being the issue because there are many people having this issue who are not using the Nreal Light and Nebula. Unfortunately, it is mostly Samsung, and it can be caused by a series of things with a focus on the corruption of app cache or data. Most of the guides have as their last fix step to completely reset the phone, I have not tried that one yet. Here is one of the guides I have been using to get a fix but have not found one that works for me.

Hopefully, we can find a fix that works and can be applied after security updates break it again.