Samsung phones FAQs

Why can’t I use AR Space on my Samsung phone? It’s compatible.

A: When a Samsung and Nreal Air are connected, there are three common issues that could cause error code 12 or other problems, which can be easily fixed by using the methods below.

1.Disable Samsung DeX. Nreal Air & Samsung DeX - new PC-like experience - YouTube

2.Please try the settings’ full-screen mode.

3.If you’re using a Samsung Fold model, we recommend using the glasses while the phone is folded rather than open flat because we discovered amusing issues may arise. We believe the resolution is not compatible with the glasses when the phone is used flat.

4.If the aforementioned solutions didn’t work, try restarting your phone.

Will my S22 smartphone work in AR Space?

A: Yes to Samsung Galaxy S22-series smartphones that have Snapdragon chipsets. No to S22-series smartphones with Exynos chipsets. Please refer to this post about the compatibility of Samsung smartphones.

Will my S23 smartphone work in AR Space?

A:The S23 should be compatible with AR Space because the Snapdragon chipset is used in all S23 models. In the posts that followed, some of our users also attested to it.

To clear up any confusion, Galaxy S23 works just fine with both MR Space and DeX!

You may require this post if you are having issues. Doesn’t work on S23 Ultra!

Can I use Z Fold 4 for AR Space?

A: Yes. Our users have repeatedly reported that Z Fold 4 works flawlessly with the Nebula. However, since it’s a new model, we haven’t tested it yet.

Can I use the Flip series with Nreal glasses?

A: No. The Z Flip Series cannot be used with the Nreal Glasses because they do not support DP Alt Mode.

Can a Bluetooth keyboard be used with DeX?

A: Yes. The keyboard needs to be configured so that it appears in the glasses.

How can I find my Samsung’s model number?

A: When reporting a Samsung problem, remember to include the model number. In this post, I’ll show you where to look for the model number.

I’m really frustrated you say here that you’ve not tested the Fold 4 however when I first used nebula it worked fine I then updated nebula and it no longer works because he said it was restricted or something so please hurry up and test it or just open it up until this is done I’m a very unhappy customer. It baffles me how you cannot support a flagship model