Samsung s20 FE 5G compatibility issues


Im having an issue of compatibility with my phone. Up until yesterday, it was working fine. Now i get a compatibility warning poping up with i try to use the glasses. They are the Nreal air.

Ive tried un installing and reinstalling the app, and restrating the phone. Ensuring dex is off. But no luck. The cable looks fine too.

The phone is a samsung galaxy s20FE5G
SM-G781B. This is on the compatibility list, so im really confused whats happened!

Any help would be amazing!

Hi, could you please confirm the following for me:

  1. Please make sure the bent end is connected with the glass leg, And the cable should be the default one that comes with the package;
  2. If there is any image in the glass when you get this error tip;
  3. Please try to connect your Air with PC and check if there is image.


Thanks for the reply.

  1. Yep, the cables are in the right way.
  2. Nothing on the glasses, but the error message is on the phone.
  3. Nope, nothing happens when I plug it into my computer.

They started working for a few minutes and stopped working again.
Even samsung dex dosnt work.


OK, if it doesn’t come with an image even plugged into the PC, then there should be something wrong with the cable. Please contact to check if you can get the cable replaced.

hello, i had this issue earlier after doing something with dex you gotta go in to connections then more connections and hmdi mode dex is prob ticked worked after i did that :slight_smile: