SBS Mode Issues - Android and Windows

I have been having issues getting SBS to work in multiple forms. I have tried with Samsung Dex and I get into a booting cycle where I see a disjointed dex logo and then it disappears and tries to load again. I used the goodlock app allowed dex to increase resolution, but no change. On windows, I tried to change over to SNS for the higher resolution screen mirroring and I get overlapping screens. Am I missing something else I have to do? Tried turning off laptop screen and that didn’t do anything. Would be great to have more user guides.

Hi, please disable the Dex mode first. Then please the SBS 3D videos(3840*1080) using the VLC player under the Mirror Casting mode of Air glass. After that, press the Brightness+ button for 2s. You will have the correct 3D experience.

Can I use other apps other than VLC ? I have Samsung S22 and I use Mx Player on my phone watching a movie stored in NAS wirelessly. Can you tell me the solution to watch 3D movie from this app ? Thanks

Hi, I’m not sure if this app is also OK. But you can try to use it and follow what I said above. Just note that the SBS 3D video should be 3840*1080.