Scrcpy is suddenly very slow and Unity fails to load apps

I’ve been using my NREAL devkit for a while and all of a sudden when I use WiFi SCRCPY is running very slowly, like half a minute to update the screen slow. Also when I try to load a new app from Unity via WiFi it just completely fails to load. This is happening with my regular development computer and with a new one that I just freshly installed SCRCPY to.

When run over USB-C it seems to be ok, but over WiFi it’s now too slow to do anything.

I’ve tried two different computers, fully rebooting the devkit, “forgetting” and reconnecting the wifi, same problem every time.

Anyone else experienced this? Seems like it must be a problem with the devkit or maybe something has changed in the wifi. Any tips to troubleshoot would help.

Hi Developer, we recommend to use typeC connection which is more stable and safe.