Screen Depth configuration + "Overdimming"

Hi there, I’m driving my Xreal Air 2 Pro’s with a Raspberry Pi 5 and Openbox for development purposes.

This setup works extremely well, however I wish I was able to ‘push’ the screen further away to reduce eye strain. At its default, the point of convergence for my eyes means that I’m going slightly crosseyed when focusing on the center of the screen, which causes inevitable fatigue and eye strain.

In addition, I wish to be able to modify the minimum dimming value past its default defined increments. Sadly this isn’t something I seem to be able to achieve on the software side (for instance, xgamma or xbrightness) - the glasses seem to override anything I try to throw at it. Ideally I would be able to set the dimming as low as possible; so if the glasses go in steps of 10% between 10-100 I wish to be able to override that and go all the way down to 1% with single percent increments.


Thank you for your message.

  1. Screen Distance:
  • Currently, we do not have an interface to adjust the display distance.
  1. Dimming Control:
  • The dimming control interface is not available for general developers, but it is accessible with the Enterprise SDK.

Hi Dorix,

I applied for the nrsdk beta through the discord.
Is this the same SDK, or is the Enterprise SDK a different thing altogether?
Thank you.

Hi Vix,
The SDK you applied for through Discord is the old 2.1 SDK beta, which is quite outdated. The Enterprise SDK is different and requires a business agreement, including signing a contract, as it includes special interfaces (not just for dimming).

If you need access to the Enterprise SDK, I can connect you with our business team to start the process.

Thank you very much, I would like to be contacted by them. :slight_smile:

Hi Vix,
I apologize for any confusion. After further confirmation with our hardware team, even with the Enterprise SDK, it is not possible to achieve the level of brightness or dimming control you described. Specifically, you cannot adjust the increments down to 1%