Screen display is split in half, and reversed when exiting AR Space?

I’ve got the Nebula app running on a Samsung Galaxy S20 with the XREAL Air. When the app opens initially, I see a mirror of the phone screen in the AR display and all is well. Then when I switch to AR Space mode and then run an app, the Unity splash screen that appears is split into a left/right half with the sides reversed, but then the 3D app still opens okay. If I force exit at this point (close all the running apps), the display gets stuck in this left/right half sides reversed state, and the only way to fix it seems to be to disconnect/reconnect the glasses from my phone.

My best guess is it has something to do with the display signal being sent when it’s in AR Space mode when it’s doing this mode switching? Air Casting mode seems to display fine.

I was wondering if there’s any settings anywhere I could try to change to fix this?

Hi, artie. The image-split issue is because the glass is still in 3D mode when you exit the app you developed. So the 2D image will be split.
But I’m curious about the ‘display stuck’ issue you mentioned, please confirm if all of the apps have the same issue.

Hello, I’m glad you understand why the image split is happening. :slight_smile:

I ran some more experiments to see when the behavior occurs. I opened 3 different 3D apps (all Unity) which all had the same behavior. In fact, if I have the ARSpace workspace open even with no app open, and then if I swipe up and hit the ||| button which shows all running processes, it immediately goes to the 2D split thing, and then if you hit “close all” it gets “stuck” in the 2D split mode.

When I open the Nebula app again after this, it’s still doing the 2D split thing. If I click Air Casting, it does fix the display. Unplugging and plugging back in also fixes the display.

Is there any way to fix this 2D split thing when the glass is in 3D mode? It seems like the Unity opening splash screens are always in 2D still, so first impression of the app is it looking broken. Kinda sucks. I really want to build some awesome apps for this.

This issue is being caused by a current mechanism within the Nebula app. We are actively working on exploring various methods to resolve this issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.