Screen is always moving to the left

Good day. I am new in using AR Glasses and it often happens that the screen always moves to the left. Why is that and how can i stop it from moving? Thanks

Hi, about this issue, I want to confirm several things. 1. Does the home page also move? 2. What is your phone model and system version? 3. What is the version of Nebula? 4. If possible, could you please take a piece of video to show the current issue? Thanks in advance.

Yes. The Main Screen is also moving. 2. OPPO FIND X3 PRO, KERNEK
3.NEBULA V2.3.4(1710) 4. I will try to make a Video of it.

With 3Dof, it always happens. In 6dof, it happened, when it was in a very dark room.

OK, could you please turn off the function of ‘Automatic Brightness Adjustment’ firstly, then go into MR Space of Nebula.