Screen Recording issue: Audio and Video out of synch

Hi everyone,
I have some issues with the video capture functionality of NRSDK.
I have developed some apps for Nreal (dev kit, computing unit, no nebula) in Unity (using the latest NRSDK).
Everything is fine and perfect, I can record the scene, save it, no problem.
However, the resulting mp4 files seem encoded in the wrong way.
Basically, the video and the audio ( I have audio, not from the microphone, but generated in the app) are out of synch. By checking with video editing software seems that they are not only out of synch but the video and audio are encoded in different ways, they totally don’t match.
I have tried to specify different frame rates for the recordings but nothing changed.
Do you have any suggestions to get the audio and video recording in synch?

Are there any updates on this topic?
It might be related to the FPSStreamingClient, where I also experienced unsynchronised audio/video; namely the audio is delayed by a few seconds and then plays at a different speed than in the app.

Thank you for the feedback. We’ve noted this issue and will seek for improvements in the future releases. Regards