Screen Video Record experience from Nebula to AR app

It would be very useful from a marketing and growth hack perspective to be able to let users be able to screen record the AR experience they see. From starting the AR experience in Nebula to entering the AR app. Seeing both the digital content on top of the real room of the user.

If that is not possible, it could be a work around to screen record just the digital content and the camera view, and the user could using a video program like iMovie put the two layers on top of each other.
(The built in screen record in the unity nreal default project is not feasible for this purpose, since it can’t record from Nebula and onwards).


Any updates on screen recording ? I want to screen record my app’s features, any such options available in nebula ?

Hi developer. We are planning to release a new function in Nebula which can show the contents of AR app to others. Please stay tuned. :slight_smile:

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