We are developing a call app for nreal with support of smartphone and browser.
Nreal is the client that sends the video, and the operator side (smartphone or browser) can place objects on the tracking planes by clicking on the received image.

Currently we are facing a problem using ScreenPointToRay and Physics.Raycast in NReal. For some reason, when we use this method with the coordinates received from the operator, there is some kind of offset.
We assume that ScreenPointToRay uses a different screen size than the image we get from NRVideoCapture.PreviewTexture, but at the same time, after calling ScreenPointToRay with a value of 0,0, the model will be placed somewhere closer to the center, and not to the left bottom corner.

Can you please explain why ScreenPointToRay at 0,0 is not left bottom corner, or give any suggestions on our problem?

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Hi We are also facing a same kind of an issue at the moment ,
were you able to solve this issue for yourself if yes can you provide some guidance on how you did it?

Please refer to a relevant answer here:

Thank you!