Screens drifting to the side on Mac

I have beem using the Xreal Air for several months now on my M1 Mac, and I noticed that my screens keep drifting to the right or left, especially when I look to the right or left.
This is forcing me to center the screens every couple of minutes, or even several times in 1 minute if I work a lot with the side screens.

I updated the glasses last month, and it didn’t seem to resolve it.
I just checked the version on the update page, and they are updated to the latest version.

Hi, Nick. Is the drift obvious? If yes, please give me a piece of video. And also, please tell me the MacOS version. Thanks in advance.

the drift is extremely obvious.
MacOS version: 13.3.1 (a) (22E772610a)

How can I take a video of the drift?

Please move your phone close to the glass lens and take a video.

This is me looking at the left screen, and it started drifting to the right (sorry for the mess).

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the drift is mostly against the side I’m looking at (looking left, drifts right. looking right, drifts left). But it definitely happened also when I simply looked forward, even right after centering the screens.

Thanks for the video. One more thing, can I ask if you have a compatible Android phone? If yes, then please use Nebula app to test if the image in the glass is also drifting after entering AR Space. If you have don’t have one, then please try to contact for repair. It seems like the IMU in the glass is not normal.