Scrolling in the App Store

Might be a “noob” question here but how are you supposed to scroll in the app store? I try and use the pad up and down but it just jumps all over. Am I supposed to just point down in cursor mode? Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Hi, please use Cursor Mode and Pad to control your app under 3D mode (Spatial). The Pad is convenient for you to scroll up and down.

That is what I am doing and I still have the screen jumping around and not scrolling. After a multiples try if finally move a little bit.

Here is what I do:
in the store app I use the Beam as a pointer and point down and click the bottom part of the control pad. The cursor looks like a set of direction arrows and tries to scroll. Te screen jumps around a lot before finally moving down.
I do the same process for scrolling back up (except I tap the top of the control pad) with the same results.

Could you please tell me what store app you are using? I will do test.

It’s not an app, it is your app store that I installed from

Once in the store I have this issue

Please confirm if all the apps perform the same on your Beam.

Everything that I have have used works fine. The only issue is in the App store itself