Selecting with the center of our field of vision

Let us selects with the center of our field of vision!
it would be a minimal change but a huge step forward for handling!

It would be very helpful if we had the option to “just” use the center of the screen (where we are looking) as a selection option (like in a shooter) instead of just using the smartphone “mouse curser”. So we could leave the smartphone in the pocket and just confirm or use a simple Bluetooth controller to make an input.

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So you mean just fix the center of view for confirming……that is a great idea.

2 methods Welcome to see :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Option A)
confirming ( if you stay …3sec on same position)

Option B)
Aiming and Confirm with Smartphone/ Controler push/touch

Please use the Heart button one the Post that NReal see it a nice idea

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Hope its Explains better as Words :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The NRSDK already has gaze control. Aim with your head, click with the phone :+1:

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I not an Developer in wait to use NReal to use it for Work efficent, that atm not given. About only Smartphome Courser.