Set preview off for RGB camera record and capture

Hi! the RGB camera record and capture works fine, but everytime when I do the record or capture I got preview thing on my glass which I don’t get in my result. so is there anyway to turn this preview thing off while doing record or capture ?
Thank you

Hi, do you mean the time-counting preview?

Hi, Thank you for answering. I’m not sure what is the time-counting preview, but as I read through the VideoCapture2LocalExample.cs or PhotoCaptureExample.cs both of them instiate the NRCaptureBehaviour/NRRecorderBehaviour. and those two created the plane with camera background material, and Those two show up on the glass. so is there anyway to turn this off ?

hi, sorry I found the way to solve it.
I just did cull mask thing with those background, and it works.

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Hi, glad to hear that the issue was solved.