Setup for nReal Air with any Android Phone to stream content

Hi everyone,

I have been working on a setup with my Pixel phone which is not natively supported with Nebula, or by direct usb-c cable. Here is my current setup, which works everywhere I have a good data connection with my phone, without wifi, and without a power outlet:

  1. Anker power bank powering Chromecast with Google TV
  2. Chromecast wifi connection to Adnroid pixel phone WiFi hotspot
  3. Comecast with Google TV HDMI out connected to xReal adapter HDMI in
  4. xReal adapter connected to xReal Air glasses

With that, you can

  • use the Chromecast remote to view content from any app installed - Netfix, Youtube, Youtube TV, …
  • use your phone to select content in an app and stream it using the Chromecast button.

Let me know what you think - probably the xReal Beam will allow something similar, with one device, with more powerful options, but for now the setup above is an approach working well - let me know what you think, and share your setup, to achieve using devices not natively supported.

I am still trying to find a small usb-c hub to offer power for my iPad and connecting xReal air at the same time, to prevent the iPad bering drained in the middle of watching something, let me know if you found a usb-c dock where this works.

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I have now tried 4 different Thunderbolt 4 hubs, to power my iPad and connect to xReal Air - they all seem to have similar interior HW, with a round power supply, one usb C to connect to iPad, and 3 usb-c thunderbolt 4 outputs, to connect monitors or other devices.

None of the worked - they all result in the iPad going blank and showing some “wait” symbol.

Not sure if there is any usb-c hub to make this work, to power iPad at the same time as streaming to xReal Air (except to approach above streming through Chromecast …

Thanks for sharing this kind of connection. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I know this thread is older but I have not come across many threads about using a Chromecast with HDMI adapter and XREAL AIR glasses. I tried with the Beam today, Jan 2nd, 2024. As soon as the Beam detects the HDMI cable connection the screen changes but it scrolls making it hard to read the Chromecast setup instructions. I tried to press/Hold either of the brightness buttons on the right ear brace to no affect (the refresh rate change was mentioned in a previous firmware update by holding the Brightness + button till you hear two beeps which manually sets 120Hz mode or similar; doesn’t work now).

Just to share with those looking for more info on mobile streaming platform options since Hulu APK & Vudu APK don’t work correctly on Beam ( but Prime video & Crunchyroll work fine).


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