SLAM issues on big spaces

We made an app for nreal that works on big space (Nreal Dev kit). The idea is that user selects and watch content in glasses in different places of a big space. We wanted user to be able to put off glasses when he doesnt use it. What we encountered was sleeping mode which basically turned the app off after some time. We solved the problem by simply putting a sticker on a “put on” sensor
But we found another two
Seems like glasses SLAM works with mix of optical tracking and IMU sensors. When person wears glasses in hands or facing ground glasses doesnt understand whats goind on and some king of mistake starts accumulating. On certain point SLAM starts acting weird, everything jiggles. On certain point in just crashes
Maybe it is connected with first one. But it seems a bit like glasses internal memory leak. After about 70% of our little excursion the app can just freeze or crash

my question is - can we somehow via unity discard the accumulting mistake or SLAM memory buffer that surely is the main reason of the mistake? or can we somehow swictch wetween 3dof and 6dow in runtime to reach the same effect?

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