SM-S908E compatibility?

Looking to buy the air for use in Australia.

The s22 ultra in Australia is the model SM-S908E.

The compatibility list is a SM-S908N(Korea Snapdragon s22u)

I’m sure this is fine but hoping someone can confirm before I buy as it’s fairly pricey.


Does that version have a Snapdragon or Exynos chip?

This version have a Snapdragon

It should support Air glass if it comes with a Snapdragon chipset.

Thanks you for the answer.
Nebula work in AR space mode. But third applications crashs for me

Could you please confirm what kind of third-party apps? The app you developed or the gaming apps from Nreal?

The app build by myself worked. It is essentially for the moment game apps that I download from the playstore. perhaps it needs to be rebuild with the last NDSK?

OK, then it is known issue, we already found the issue and are fixing it internally. After fixing, we will submit it to GP for update.


Ok, thanks for the answer