Small font blurriness/clarity at 1080p with Nreal Air and Light


I am looking to use the glasses as a 1080p monitor replacement in mirroring mode i.e. not through Nebula.
Could anyone please share their thoughts on whether current gen image has sufficient clarity.
Is it possible to use Excel with small cell sizes or type/read small fonts?
Do eyes get tired quicker on small fonts than with a monitor?
How does Light compare to Air in terms of this use case?
Is Air/Light image too far or too close to clearly see small fonts?

Awhile back someone mentioned they had trouble seeing top edges of the screen when mirroring with Nreal Light. Is this still the case? What is causing this?
Is the Air better in this respect?
Is the screen area too small for comfortable productivity use at 1080p?

There was a post comparing Qualcomm Gen1 optics with Gen2

Is Air or Light as blurry as Qualcomm Gen1 ?

Comments much appreciated

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Could anyone in possession of Air or Light please plug your glasses into PC or Mac and check small font performance?

Is it viable in this gen of glasses? i.e. no blurriness
Can screen edges be clearly seen without straining the eyes?

Would @XREAL-dev have any comments?

Pictures taken through the lens with VR cover on would be most appreciated.

Please take this picture for reference, I captured it by iPhone 11, and it was not easy to take a good picture.

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Hi @XREAL-dev
Appreciate the effort of taking pics.

Is this a pic of Light or Air ?
When you put the glasses on, do your eyes have to spin too far to see the edges comfortably?

I can see that most smaller fonts are a bit blurry.
Is this caused by the phone camera or is this what blurriness actually looks like?
Is chromatic aberration caused by the phone?

Would be amazing if you could take a second pic of the other glasses to be able to compare Light with Air.

Much thanks

It feels as though i can see other objects through the screen.
Was VR Cover on in this pic?
Could this be why it was difficult to get a good image?

This picture is from Air. The blurry issue was caused by phone camera, the image is much more clear when putting the glass on.

Would you say that Air image is less blurry than Light ?
Which is better for monitor replacement: Air or Light ?

Are you able to read small fonts on Air ?
Is the image focused too far for small fonts on Air?

Pardon the questions. Wish i could go down to a shop to check it out for myself.