Snapdragon Spaces VS Unity VS Unreal Engine VS NRSDK

Could Nreal or @XREAL-dev please help me make sense of the purpose for Snapdragon Spaces in relation to Unity/Unreal and in relation to NRSDK.

Why does Nreal insist on NRSDK if Snapdragon Spaces are already provided by Qualcomm on top of Unreal/Unity?
Is NRSDK acting as a bridge until OpenXR support comes to work with Snapdragon Spaces?
What is the benefit of NRSDK over Snapdragon Spaces as of today after AR2 reveal?


Also I could be wrong but, the NRSDK is only an add-on for Unity?

Both Snapdragon Spaces and NRSDK are addons for Unity.
Snapdragon Spaces is also an addon for Unreal.
Problem with NRSDK is that it’s proprietary, whereas Snapdragon Spaces opens doors to OpenXR apps that work with many headsets.
Unreal and Snapdragon Spaces both require OpenXR.

@XREAL-dev could you please clarify if Snapdragon Spaces will be supported once OpenXR is implemented?