Soft bricked compute unit

Hello! I think my compute unit is soft bricked. It has no output, does not respond to volume/power button and seems to keep rebooting based on fans spinning for 8 seconds, stopping for 6 and then starting up again.

Adb/fastboot do not see to see it either via USB-C cable connection :frowning:

Any tips to troubleshoot and fix this further on?

Hi, could you please tell me if there is even no image output while connecting the glass to the unit? If so, then the unit needs to be re-install the system.

There is no image output. Where can I get an .img of the original system? I assume I can force it into deep recovery using an EDL cable, right?

I crafted an EDL cable and managed to bring the unit out of the boot loop. Right now it is turned on, fan spinning continuously.

Still no adb/fastboot, no video output and no button response. However I think I should be able to flash the stock image if I had it.

The battery run now and now the compute unit no longer turns on. EDL does nothing now. :face_exhaling:

OK, thank you for the efforts you have made to troubleshoot the issue. Please contact the after-sales team( and repair it for you.