Space Web video playback issue

Hi, I am testing the Nebula app on my Oneplus 8T.

I was testing playing a video from my Jellyfin media server via Space Web. I noticed when the cursor is not pointed at the browser window the video playback would freeze but the audio would continue. I also noticed lots of stuttering in video playback.

What is causing these issues?

Can you send me the link for the test? Once I have it, I can capture a log and analyze it.

Thanks for the reply! I was actually on Oxygen OS 11 (android 11) and after upgrading to a custom rom (pixelexperience) that is android 13 based (since display out is disabled on OOS 12 & 13) the playback is working as expected.

From what I have read playback while the phone is locked needs the approval of the phone maker to enable it on their distribution of android. Has XReal considered working with some of the open source custom rom providers or even the AOSP to enable that functionality for advanced users?