Spatial Mapping?

Did anyone managed to create an own version of like Spatial Mapping like the MRTK does it on the HoloLens? (example) I know there is a plane detection feature, but with SLAM-Tracking it should be possible to track not only walls but also other objects kinda - or is the capacity of the smartphone SoC the limit and the algorithm can’t do too much at once? @XREAL-dev

This guy figured out how to access the grey camera. I guess you can build something with that.


Wow, big thanks for letting us know!!! This would make so much things easier to solve.

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Is this different from the usual usb device stream you can get when nreal’s sdk is not capturing it? (if plug in the glasses it offers you the RGB and the combined Spacial Cams as simple usb camera devices)

This looks like grayscale streams while the full Unity rig is running. Provided by the sdk?

Might finally get us somewhere (especially existung solutions) without re-inventing the compete wheel.

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Have you guys tried spatial mapping with EasyAR SDK ?
I tried integrating it in my Nreal project. I am not getting any output. It doesn’t create the map.

Hi, I’m afraid that the EasyAR SDK is not supported by our glass.

Hi @XREAL-dev
Their doc claims they have support for Nreal device.

Please have a look. and Please confirm me. Thanks


OK, please tell me if you have confirmed this with the support from Easy AR?

No, I haven’t. I just saw it in their doc and tried to integrate it in my Nreal project. But it doesn’t seem to be working. Does this work ? have you guys tested it ? I asked questions in their blog, they are not responsive

I asked this internally, no one tested it. And most of the integration is done by their side, so you may need to ask their supports.

I want to confirm. I tryed EasyAR and is working.
It’s not that “Easy”… It’s quite complicated. Join on the Discord and I will be able to help you


Hi @bestemy96 thanks. what’s the link of the discord ?

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