Static noise on display after about 4 minutes of use and crashes

I have a Samsung Galaxy S22 Model SM-S901W with compatible Qualcomm SM8450 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1.
I plug it in with the provided USB-C Cable and use Nebula v2.3.4(1710) in Air Cast mode it works for a few minutes then start seeing horizontal flickering in the image quality. It goes to a black screen with white flickering static for a minute then reboots the glasses and app. I can repeat the same process pretty constantly but it will work eventually if i keep trying. The glasses are warm but not burning, this behavior started after a firmware update.

I did try developer mode and used 72Hz mode but it did not fix it.

Hi, sorry for the uncomfortable experience. About the current issue, could you please tell me more details? 1. Which glass are you using? Air or Light? 2. What is the Android version of your phone? 3. If possible, please take a short piece of video that can show this issue, then send it to
Thanks in advance.

I am using the Nreal Air with Android version 12

Hi, Seems I didn’t receive your recording about this issue in my mailbox, could you please try to record and issue and send it to the above email address?