Streaming Netflix from a PC to Nebula's MR space 😍

I am beyond happy right now :grin:

I’ve spent the past 9 months trying to get Netflix to run, in any shape or form, in MR space, but their DRM blocking stopped that dream from happening :broken_heart:

And yesterday I stumbled on a YouTube video showing how to run Netflix in the VR app Bigscreen.

I googled to see how it’s done, and to my surprise, the method is just streaming your PC screen directly. The only difference is, you play Netflix on Firefox on your PC.

Yes, the PC version of Firefox browser does not block out Netflix videos when streamed or cast to other devices.

Already test it by streaming my PC using Chrome Remote Desktop.

I cannot express my joy :heart: Now I can watch The Witcher on a giant screen anywhere instead of waiting to get home late to watch it on my TV :laughing::laughing:

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Nice! Does your app support Parsec as well (through That would be even better in terms of latency and performance and even gaming possibilities :slight_smile:

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I didn’t even know they had a web version. I use Parsec all the time.

Unfortunately for some reason their website seems to have a bug. It won’t accept text when I try to login.

Yes, it works in Google Chrome and other mainstream browsers though.

Maybe is the next best option?

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Parsec?.. hmm… I wonder how difficult it would be to wire this up to a canvas in unity?

i can emagine a WebVR desktop, as well.

Something like this project:

Nebula wont work with onoffice for some reasons (no webVR + no access to local IPs)

But with Mr.FarePlay’s app it could be possible. Works fine with win, mac, linux.

If anyone solve a multi monitor setup in WebVR we really near to a nreal AR Windows Desktop like Virtual Desktop.

In the near future there should be an option to access SteamVR features. I see two possible options here:

  1. goin the way like Trinus CBVR (necessary to build a client app for Nreal light or the possibility to switch to a CardBoard mode, e.g on Nreal Light)

  2. connect Nreal Light via usb-c to a PC and have working VR drivers (OpenVR, OpenHmd …)

Nevertheless there is Rainway: But when the web Version detects an android device it redirects you to playstore.

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