Streaming the Nreal to desktop


I have developed an MR app and deployed into Nreal Light. Is there any way to stream the Nreal light display to windows pc like “windows device portal” in hololens 2?

I am Nreal with controller unit.

Hi, there are two possible ways to realize this. The first is to use the Scrcpy tool and copy the display to your PC. The second is to integrate the First Person View(it is in Experimental NRSDK) function in your MR app.


I tried the first person view but for some reason, when I press the stream button. Nothing is happening in streaming receiver app in pc. Both pc and glasses are connected to same Wifi and no access issue.

Please check the google drive link and install it on your phone to check if it is OK for you.

The app is not supported in my country(Germany). Can I know the purpose of this application?

Sorry for my mistake, I attached a wrong link, please check the new link above.

Hi, just wondering if you got FPS to work and if you have any tricks/tips you can share on how to get it working. For me, I can tell my app connects to the streaming receiver app but it does not show anything once connected, just a photo of the nReal guy wearing the glasses. TIA for any help you are able to provide.

Please also use the apk I uploaded above and test it with your PC to check if it works.

In my case, I tried with a different laptop and it worked. In that, My app got connected to the streaming receiver app and showed a photo of the nReal guy wearing the glasses, then streaming started. Don’t no why it doesn’t work with my personal laptop. Its doesn’t have any access issues too.

Just a suggestion, Please try with a different PC and make sure there is no issue Wi-Fi restrictions too.

I tried the apk. The same problem occurs it doesn’t get connected with my personal computer for some reason and its fine with a different PC.

Well, OK, then I think it should be caused by network, please check if there is possible network restriction like firewall.

The problem what partin has mentioned has happened to me too, when I tried MRTK integration into NRSDK. When I tried sample NRSDK-MRTK demo and tried to press stream, it does not show anything just a photo of the nReal guy wearing the glasses.

But it was totally fine for me, when I was working with NRSDK alone.

The test FPS app did not work either. I can see the apps talk to each other from the phone to the laptop using Wireshark so I know communication is happening just no stream.

I did have MRTK in a project but then I started a fresh new project with only NRSDK and it still does not work. I have seen posts that there are configuration settings that need to be set a certain way, such as Multithreaded rendering, but I cannot find a reference to what the settings needs to be.

I found the actual problem in my case. I think you may also have the same issue.

In my case, After I press the stream button it is asking for permission(have a look at attached image) to start streaming but this info can’t be seen through glasses.
So to solve this, After pressing the stream button, without closing the app connect to the controller unit through scrcpy in PC with cable or through wifi. Then you can see the info for permission access, then simply tick “Don’t ask again” and “start now”.(Have a look at image attached)

Then connect back to glasses and open the app. Now streaming works.

Hope this solves your problem too.

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Thank you, I will try this. I’m wondering why this isn’t documented anywhere or how are we expected to solve this if we give our app to end users who can’t connect to the pc and start the capture themselves though and it is a hard requirement that others see what the user is seeing in the glasses for the app we are building.

Oh, sorry for not telling users about this. The prompt notification is required in the Android system when capturing or recording is going to proceed. And this notification can only be found and ticked in Android desktop, which requires you to scrcpy your device to PC and tick it, but it only happens on Dev-kit, if a phone, then it will prompt on the phone screen. We will add this notification to our guide and let everyone know.