Support for MRTK3


Does XReal Air 2 UItra support MRTK3? If not, are there any plans to add support for it?


Hi, we will release a new project for MRTK3 based on V2.2.0 SDK shortly.

Please check this link: MRTK3 Integration | v2.2.0 | NRSDK


Hello, it’s a pleasure to greet you but I have installed the apk with the integration of MRTK3 on my Samsung S22 Ultra and it closes when I open the application, even if I clone the repo in Unity, the glasses used are the Xreal Ultra 2, I hope your response thanks.


Could you plz provide more info? Like when the app closes, what error code does it give?

thanks for the answer, actually in Unity when it is compiled to send the apk to the device it does not issue any error in the log, even when you install the apk that already appears on github it is installed without problem, the case is when it is initialized in the glasses, it crashes and doesn’t open

Understood, but I was wondering if you launched Nebula and then entering the MRSpace, these steps are very essential for the app running smoothly.

Yes, I have already used and developed applications for the xreal light, air and now the ultra, I have the latest nebula update but I don’t know why the application closes by opening it from mr space :confused:

I’ve tried several times but failed to reproduce this issue, could you give me more detailed info, for example, could you provide a log? In addition, will only this app flash back? Are all other applications normal?

When catching the log, please start the catch before inserting the glasses, and do not stop until the problem occurs.