Surface Duo not working with AR space in Nreal Air

Hi there!
I am trying to use the Surface Duo (with the Android 12 and Nebula app 3.1.1, and I turned on Force Desktop mode in Developer setting) with the AR space in Nreal Air, but I can only see blue screen on Nreal Air’s screen. Is there a fix for this? Is there any setting I need to toggle in order to correctly show the AR space?
One interesting thing I found is that if I toggle the “show view update” in developer setting, I can see the screen flashing, while there is a thin bar of area which I can see the actual AR space.
Thanks for everyone’s help.

Hi, Surface Duo is not officially supported, so we cannot guarantee the stability of AR Space. But thanks for your feedback, I will record it and give feedback.

Can you check on the developer’s side about the source of the problem? I suspect that this blue-screen problem may apply to future devices. And I hope a patch fix can be released to address this problem.

I believe the problem is that the display is not updating. If you turn on the “show surface updates” options in developer options, it will force the phone to constantly update the display and MR space will be seen functioning (although the whole screen constantly flashes purple so it’s not usable).

As of right now I haven’t found any way to get around it. Perhaps the developers can add some codes to force update the display or something?

Hi, it is determined by both the phone system and our firmware&SDK I think. But could you please tell me if the ‘display is not updating’ you mentioned meant the phone system?

So basically, I tried using the record function in the nebula app and it was able to record me moving my head and the pointer around, meaning the app and AR space are functional but for some reason the external display (Nreal Air) is just not showing.

I did some testing and found 2 ways to make it partially work.

  1. In the phone’s developer options, there is one called “show surface updates” which flashes the screen when the display updates. When I turn it on, the Nreal Air display is able to show the AR space working properly (even though the screen is constantly flashing purple), and when I turn it off, the display freezes on the last image.

  2. There is also an option called “Pointer location”, which shows a debug thing on both the phone’s display and the external display. It updates the display once whenever I turn it on but only one frame per “flick”.

Based on these testing, I suppose the problem is due to the phone not updating the Nreal Air’s display.

Yes. I can confirm the same behavior. Can the dev team take a note on this and create an update on the surface duo apk? Thanks!