Switch display to mobile

In our app , we have a main menu which we operate on mobile and in second scene insatiate the NR camera, NRInput, etc. all the necessary objects, so it works fine as expected.
but now i want go back to main menu , so i tried to stop all NR session , destroyed all the relative stuffs , to go back to main menu scene, it work sfine on Unity editor but in actual on the Nreal device , the mobile still shows the phone controller screen.
is it possible to switch between mobile scene and NReal scene ?

Hi, could you please tell me more about the ‘mobile scene’? Is it just like a different phone controller menu which is different to the default controller panel?

Mobile scene is simple screen space ui scene with some menu buttons it’s like basic android scene , after this user gets into nreal session where it starts seeing content in nreal glasses with mobile controller as a input device.

OK, then I think you can set a button to switch the controller on your phone screen.

That’s what I’m trying to do, I’m changing the scene back main menu where user can use screen space button on the mobile , but the controller screen stuck on the mobile, how can disable the controller screen ?
I tried to destroy the NRinput, and also disabled the NRsession

You don’t need to disable and restore the session. Maybe you can customize the phone controller by adding another controller interface. And switching the default controller and the customized interface with a ‘switch’ button (SetActive can control the button). (Just like what is shown below)

i want to disable the NRvirtual displayer, before going to menu scene,. as menu scene is a basic mobile scene where user just need to use mobile ui button to start Nreal scene , and nreal display also get off while user is in menu scene.
i tried to setActive false for the NRvirtual display object. it does not work :frowning:

The NRVirtual Displayer cannot be disabled, please note it.