Table Trenches Nreal Bug

Hello all,
We’re excited by all the new players we’ve been getting to Table Trenches with the US release! We’ve been made aware of a bug where:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20/21
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 20/21
  • Samsung ZFold 2/3

users are unable to play our game. We believe we found the issue which has to do with package name. Unfortunately, we cannot just update the application to fix this and are in contact with Nreal as to the best solution, to that end we have created a new version of the demo that we have confirmed working on a ZFold 3 and can be found here:

We do not have a workaround for the full release at this time. Please let us know if you find any other issues, we are actively working on making sure everyone has a great experience playing!

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AVG is flagging this apk as suspicious. Got any idea why? I would love to test this for you on my US note20 ultra but I also have to stay security conscious.

If this is a false positive please submit to AVG for review

I’m not sure why, I’ll try to register the file with them but there’s a 50 MB limit.

Oof, 50MB limit? That’s a pain. I wonder if I copy the file to a PC and scan it there if I can get more detail on why AVG is flagging it other than “suspicious” I have a new SSD to install today to hold my Unity assets, if I have time after that I’ll give it a try.