The latest NRSDK supported the Dev Kit

Hello! I’m forced to continue developing the application for the Dev Kit. Please share the latest version of NRSDK that supports the Dev Kit. At the moment, the official NRSDK download page only has the latest version 2.1.1, which does not support the Dev Kit. The same goes for the experimental NRSDK. As I understand from the official release notes from the same page, the latest version of NRSDK for the Dev Kit is 1.10.2. I was unable to find this version. Therefore, please post NRSDK 1.10.2 and experimental NRSDK 1.10.2. Thank you in advance.

The NRSDK can be downloaded from the following link:

XREAL-dev, thanks a lot! This package helped. Additionaly, could you provide a link to the experimental SDK of the same version?

Please check the link below:

XREAL-dev, thanks a lot! This is exactly what I needed now.

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