The Micro USB port


Being able to charge the compute puck through the micro usb while having the glasses connected is nice. What would be even nicer is if it could also be used with adb. Connecting the puck to my Mac through the micro USB connector doesn’t seem to register with my Mac at all. Is it correct to assume that the micro USB connector on the puck is just wired for charging?

If there is no way to get a working adb connection through the micro USB, is there a way to have the compute puck persist a setting to listen for adb connections over tcp? By persist I mean in a way that it survives a reboot.


+1 to supporting adb through the Micro USB port if it’s not too hard, please.

While it’s not too difficult to switch from adb USB-C to tcpip over wifi, for most use cases I’m sure (although if you need to regularly restart the dev kit, unplug/replug cables, glasses etc. that would be a pain I agree) but for one of my projects my dev kit needs to connect to the wifi of my drone, so I can either have ADB logging or drone connectivity - but not both - while the glasses are plugged in…
I’m sure mine’s just a corner case but in general to save hassle (and wear) on the USB-C, micro USB adb would be an improvement.

Any Updates on this?

@CitizenOne Could you explain that a bit more?

I am not really familiar with android development and never had to debug anything on another hardware than my computer. I only found wireless adb with android studio but it only supports after android 11.
Any tips what to search for or am I on the right path and just didnt look enough.

Personally, I think it is weird that a dev kit is so locked and on android 8 while they suggest having wireless adb on their getting started page in their docs. Otherwise the nreal looks really promising…

If I need to open my own question, tell me pls.

Hi @JoelKrec - no response from nreal as far as I can tell, and there seems to be more focus on using modern phones (running newer Android versions) as compute units rather than the dev kit, which is stuck at 8 and can’t run nebula.

It is true that Android 11+ makes it easier to directly debug with adb over wifi in just one step.

For Android 10 and earlier (including the nreal compute units running Android 8) we have to do it in a few steps:

  • First connect the compute unit to your computer with a USB cable
  • Tell adb to use tcpip, and connect
  • Then you can pull out the USB cable (and plug in the glasses, for example)

You might need to use a command-line terminal within Android Studio (or outside of Android Studio works fine) to get it going.

Relevant Android Studio documentation with the details of the commands:


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Thank you for your quick reply!

I will look into that.