The object won't follow the hand once the player turn a round

My project need to shoot the fire ball in front of the player when the player finger point in front, but have a problem, which is if the player turns to whatever direction, the target won’t follow, for example, if I turn to the right to shoot the fireball, the fireball will fly to left turn, instead of front.

my target position x and y are follow the fireball, and the fireball position follows to the player right index finger tip.

Many Thanks

What’s your shotting direction of the fireball? When you turn right, the ‘Front’ the unity will not change, only the forward of NRHand changes~ See: Hand Tracking - NRSDK (

How about

Pose rightIndexTip = …;
Vector3 indexTipForward = rightIndexTip.forward;
and set the shotting direction to indexForward~

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Yeah, finally I use the Nreal camera Rig forward to shoot the fireball and it’s work