There needs to be a better way to recenter monitors in MacOS Nebula

There needs to be an easier way to recenter monitors on Nebula for MacOS. Sometimes I want to move the monitors around without having to open the Nebula app, then click a button.

My two ideas: (I would love if these were both implemented)

Idea 1: Double tap the display on/off buttom (right arm of glasses) to recenter the displays.

Idea 2: Enable some form of software recenter control through terminal: This would allow users to create a keyboard shortcut, or other forms of automation on their MacOS devices, for recentering the displays.

Potential example usage in terminal (just recenter to where the user is looking):

"/Applications/Nebula For" --recenter

Bonus idea: allow for changing the monitor number configuration

"/Applications/Nebula For" --displays 1

"/Applications/Nebula For" --displays 2

"/Applications/Nebula For" --displays 3


Great idea!! Thanks for your suggestions, I will pass on your request to the R&D team.

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Thank you @XREAL-dev !

Also, is there plans to support launching mission control on macos with Nebula? Right now, launching mission conrol makes the left and right display appear to render separate things, causing eye strain / making mission control unusable.

As an additional suggestion for MacOS Nebula: Is it possible to enable users to have more than 3 monitors / would it be possible to enable rearranging the 3 current monitors? The center of the 3 monitors is a mirror of the Macbook’s monitor: I would prefer to have either the left or the right monitor be the screen mirror.

I am trying to use the Nreal Air glasses connected to a macbook with the lid closed. After I close the lid, the “mirror monitor” freezes, howver, the left and right monitors are still usable. If I am going to be stuck with one frozen monitor, I would prefer that this frozen monitor be on the edges (left or right), rather than between the two monitors that I can still use.


Really thanks for your suggestions. You must have experienced the Mac Nebula deeply, I will record all of your requests.

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Looking into how they implemented Mac support, unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Mission Control support is possible. Why? Well if you look at the displays under MacOS, you’ll see a 3840x1080 ‘screen’ that’s off the bottom. Why? Well that is actually what the glasses are connected to with the left eye showing the left half of that ‘screen’ and the right eye showing the right half of that 'screen,

Nebula is just an app that they have running full-screen on that specific monitor. That app ‘mirrors’ the other one, two or three monitors (depending on your choice) and renders the ‘virtual’ left eye on the left half of that full-screen ‘app’ and the right eye on the right half of that app.

You can see this specifically by engaging Mission Control with one eye closed (I recommend the right eye since the macos window controls are on the left) and you can ‘un-full-screen’ that app, then drag it to any other monitor, including the actual monitor of your notebook. That’s how you can see what’s going on.

This means the ‘virtual’ screen is really just an app and because of this, Mission Control will always ‘minimize’ apps, thus breaking the illusion.

BUT… it has an added side effect. Using something as simple as photoshop, you can create an image representing the left and right eyes, then simply use preview to ‘full screen’ that image on that third monitor to get really cool 3D images. It can be as simple as text centered on the left half, then again on the right half. The more you move them towards the center, the closer they appear virtually. Move them farther apart, and they appear more in the distance. I’m actually working on a Processing sketch that does exactly that to get some trippy 3D visuals. Just a nice side-effect of how they do their 3D.

Note: When you are not using Nebula, instead if appears as a 1920x1080 screen that’s simply repeated on the two halves. Nebula puts it in a mode to split a 3840x1080 screen between the two OLED displays.

NReal, it would be awesome if you let us manually enable that mode without needing Nebula so we could use your glasses as really cool 3D displays. This would be amazing as a 3D plugin for things like 3D software such as Fusion360 or SolidWorks.

Presumably having a cli-interface like this allows you to set a hotkey for it, which would be good.