Thoughts On The Ability To Record Our Experiences - We Need Better Recording Options!

As a content creator who is deeply passionate about Augmented Reality I have been exploring the possibilities of Nreal glasses for quite some time now on my YouTube channel and social media sites. While these glasses are undoubtedly impressive in terms of their ability to provide immersive AR experiences, there is one crucial feature that I believe is very poorly executed - the ability to record those experiences!

Being someone who loves to share my passions with the world, I find it frustrating that I can’t capture most of the amazing things I see and do while wearing the Nreal Air or Light Glasses… I understand that there may be technical and privacy concerns around recording AR experiences, but this still needs to be an option that is available to content creators and end users alike and it definitely needs to be expanded over what we currently have available.

@XREAL-dev why was the recording capability limited to just 30 second clips in recent versions of Nebula? This used to allow for unlimited recording time? As a content creator this makes it very difficult to capture content when in Nebula, especially if I can only record in 30 second bursts!

Also, why does the recording stop when entering an app? When recording from other devices like
a Meta Quest 2 or Pro I can start a recording in the UI interface and then have it seamlessly transition to gameplay as the recording does not stop when apps are launched… Content creators need options for continuous recording like this, so if Meta can do it, I’m sure Nreal can solve this problem as well.

If for some reason we can’t get the ability to record continuously, then I beg all of the AR developers out there to add recording options to your games and apps… Again, as a content creator I can’t share my experiences in your apps and games if you don’t give me the ability to do it! Right now I feel that AR is entering the what I would call the “DK2” stage, and this is the time to start really pushing the concept to the masses with video content, so c’mon Nreal and lets make it easier for content creators to do it!

Now I know this post might be perceived as me just complaining, but I am truly passionate about sharing my experiences in AR… I’m sure Nreal and all the developers out there already realize this but the best way to get the word out about the hardware or content is for influencers such as myself to have the ability to share with our audiences… If you look at the beginnings for the VR market, it was the content creators and early adopters showing what they were experiencing that played a huge part in building public interest in this new and exciting tech so as a community of AR enthusiasts and professionals, I urge us all to advocate for these features and work together to make it a reality

Thanks for taking the time to read this long post and if anyone is interested, here is the playlist with the AR content I have captured so far: Augmented Reality - YouTube

Also, If you are a developer who’s app I have not checked out yet and if you are looking for coverage and already have the recording abilities built in DM me and lets talk about reviewing your apps! :sunglasses:

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Strongly Agree!!!I made a small app in Nreal Light, and I found the video quality is so poor that it can’t even compare with the mobile phone ten years ago :joy: … I can see some amazing images myself but I just can’t record and share them, that’s too disappointing

Hi, thanks for your suggestions. I will submit a request to R&D to optimize the recording quality. And about the recording in Nebula, we do consider to extend the time in future version.