Tips for debugging and Unity Play Mode simulator


I only did two small projects for now on the nreal which didnt really required debugging. If I needed any debugging I just put a text on a canvas and printed any information there. That is not the optimal way to debug and there are cases where I would want line by line execution. I know you can do this with adb but only over the usb c port. The port where you need to plug in your glasses. I read that you can use adb over wifi but it says you need to have android 11+ which the dev kit doesnt have.

Now I swapped to a linux pc and now anything I build with it doesnt start anymore. It is not the first thing that broke while swapping to linux but with out any logs or debug I cant look into the issue to create maybe a topic here or fix the problem myself.

Sadly, I cant test on my phone because the S22 Ultra isnt supported yet and installing nebula as it is right now cannot switch into MR Space Mode so I can only use the glasses as a fancy monitor for my phone.

So to my actual question: Do you have any tip for accessing information while using the glasses and running the app you want to test? Is there a way to debug over wifi that I didnt find in my research for wireless adb? How are you debugging and do you have any tips regarding the simulator? Can I test stuff related to camera there in any way.

I feel like the simulator in Unity Play Mode is really useless if you want to test stuff related to the real world and the connection between real world and digital is what drives me to develop for AR.

Thank you for your help in advance and I hope I could explain my problem enough.

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