To let you know : With the clamshell FIX for m1 macbook only Screen miroring work, nebula have problem + tought on the image with and without nebula

so with those command line

to disable it :

sudo pmset disablesleep 1

To renable it:

sudo pmset disablesleep 0

I did more testing and Only miror mode work perfectly , Nebula have Image problem when we enable it before we close the lid of the laptop and , does not give any Image except the mouse if we enable it from clamshell mode directly.

Other point is that , I found the image to be much more enjoyable to look at in Display copy more than in nebula , and with the help of Anydesk , i now understand why. Nebula give 2 image for the left and right , Is it possible to have a nebula that work like screen miroring ?

The image without nebula , to my eye and brain , is more sharp + stable + clear + enjoyable to look at

Nebula image in the glass , just does not feel good at all.
From the M1 mac.

To add : the fact that I can power off/on the glass with the button on it + Unplug and plug it back without having to touch my laptop , that is very good feature for what I am doing ( only work for miror mode )

After another 15 min walk , On miror screen mode , if we can Change the Base distance and how big the screen will show ( via an EDIT in the config file or somehting ) , that could be just perfect for the moment , I think nebula will be very difficult to get right.

I am always having my headphone XM4 from sony , they have all we need to comunicate with the computer, so it could be cool if we can have an option to disable the MIC and MUSIC from the glass in the firmware if we dont need it, and it will stay like we want as long as we dont reenable in via the a little firmware update to the glass.

So maybe a small program that is not nebula from your side that will enable us to place the center mirror Vision further away or nearer with a Lengh and height option to choose to have larger or smaller ( can even go out of screen view from the glass , talking about larger here. I can see some use case for that ) + the option to enable disable sound and mic from the glass. -