Trackable Image resets to 0.397m


A while ago I mentioned an issue with the Trackable Image databases. Basically, every time I make a build or restart Unity the Width is reset to 0.397(m).

Is there any progress on this? I mentioned this last October or November already, and the issue still exists in NRSDK 1.10.2.

Its a major bug, as it breaks any form of image tracking unless you print massive trackables.


Hi, this is defined in our algorithm, which is used for image preprocessing. And this cannot be changed currently unless we change the whole image algorithm. For the image tracking function, it cannot detect the image in small size.

Ok, I didn’t realize this was the case.

Maybe good to turn the textfield into a label in that case, it currently allows you to rescale (like ARFoundation), which is very confusing.

Thank you for the explanation