Tracking QR code

I want to track QR code in real world and only run QR code scanner when there is a QR code in the view. How can i achieve that ?

Could you use the QR code initially as an image target, but use the detected image to trigger the QR scanner rather than display content? ZXing works quite well with the glasses

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Hi @f0ld
I am using ZXing, it works fine. But the problem is it’s scans every frame. i am calling zxing api in update method. what i am trying to know if there’s any way to trigger my method when there is a qr code. And place an object on the qr code to let users know that the glass has detected the qr code.


I’ve not tried exactly what you’re doing, but I’ve always set some kind of condition in the Update so ZXing doesn’t do its thing unless those specific conditions are met. That’s why I mentioned possibly image tracking the QR code initially, not to place content, but to use as a trigger to store the coordinates of the QR code and to set the conditions in your ZXing Update code for it to run. You can then also stop ZXing from doing it’s thing by reseting those conditions.

As far as I’m aware, the only way any device can continusously identify QR codes or images is to check continusously in the Update, otherwise it’s not going to know what it’s looking at. I found things started to run a little slow when ZXing ran continusouly in Update.

EDIT: If you’re just wanting to place an object and then stop ZXing which I think is what you’re saying when I’ve read your reply again. You could totally just set a condition. Just stick in an if statement. Change the conditions so it would stop running once your content has been placed.