Trail, hiking, biking, skiing apps + interface problems

I use several outdoor apps on my phone and want very much to use them on my new X-real Air. but when I use them in Air Casting I can’t shrink them and/or send them to the corner of my vision which makes them impossible to use while doing outdoor sports, and I have to leave my phone screen “on” while I am extending my desktop to my Air.
So, three questions:
1). Is there a way to get Air Casting to do what it says it does: put my phone desktop on the side (not stuck in the middle of my view) so I can do real, outdoors stuff while using my X-Real Air?
2). When will there be the possibility of using all the features of MR Space with “other” apps not currently in X-real’s app deck?
3). Is there a way to have my phone screen off while my X-Real is in Air Casting mode so I can use less battery?

Bonus question for anyone who may have both, looks like the Light has some better versatility and the cameras will mean I could use gestures to control my screen at some point. Anyone like their Light and want to explain if they are using it for more versatile AR stuff like outdoors hiking or biking (or even driving… safely somehow).
BTW I’m on android.

Marine Rifleman

Hi, please check the following answers:

  1. There is a mode called Side View in Nebula app, after you click the Air Casting, please pull down the menu of your phone, and you will notice that the Side View is there.
  2. The default 2D apps cannot be used in AR Space, the limit is from phone manufacturer;
  3. It doesn’t support using the glass with the phone screen off, but you can adjust the brightness of the phone screen to the lowest.
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