Troubleshooting FAQ

Why does my Nreal glasses’ display not function?

A: 1, You might need to activate your Nreal glasses.
In order to make using the glasses easier for you, newly assembled glasses won’t need to be activated. However, some units still might.
You need to use this page to activate a new pair of Nreal glasses if they only emit sound and no video.

2, Verify that the USB Type-C port on your device provides Display Output. Check whether the monitor displays by using a different monitor with your device.

3, Try using Nreal Air with a different gadget that supports DP output via USB Type-C. This is done to evaluate the Nreal glasses’ performance.

4, Use only the stock cable that was included in the box.

5,Check the display while wearing the glasses. The display in the glasses will turn off if they are set aside thanks to a proximity sensor. To check the display, please put your glasses on.
For more information about proximity sensor, watch this video. You may begin at 51’’.

The glasses appear blurry to me. What should I do?

A: The steps for troubleshooting blurriness are listed below.

  1. Make sure the lenses of the glasses are free of any films.

  2. Try out the various nose pads that are hidden in the box’s back.

  3. Try to reposition the Airs’ legs.

  4. Make sure you have good vision, no astigmatism, and no nearsightedness.

  5. If, after ruling out all other potential causes, you still feel very blurry while wearing the glasses, you may need the after-sales services.

You will need the following posts.

What if Error Code 11 appears?

A: Error Code -11 is a common issue that can be fixed by adjusting the display settings or restarting the phone. For example, if you have a Samsung, you can resolve the problem by setting the display mode to “full-screen” in settings > Display > Full-screen mode.

On my compatible Samsung, AR Space stopped functioning.

A:Try the configuration below. Make Nebula run in full-screen mode by selecting Settings > Display > Full-screen Mode.

On my compatible LG, AR Space stopped functioning.

A:Try disable Screen+,the desktop mode of LG.

How to find the Serial Number