Unable to get data with NRFrame.GetTrackables

HI all,

I’ve been coding for about a week with a dev kit and hand tracking works like a charm. In the other hand, trying to use Image tracking is resulting a little nightmare… : S

I followed the instructions step by step, enabling “Image Tracking Mode” in NRKernelSessionConfig (this config file is correctly selected in NRCameraRig GameObject) and selecting both demo-included and fresh new TrackingImageDatabase files.

Tested with the emulator (creating some cubes with valid images in the scene) and in real glasses (printing the image 20x20cm) with the same result: after NRFrame.GetTrackables call, the referenced list as parameter is always empty

Does anyone have any clue regarding this? Could it be related with lastest NRSDK release? Could it be possible to debug in any way?
This is quite strange since other things (hand tracking for example) work fine

Thanks in advance

I have the same problem. I’m trying to use the ImageTracking demo scene, to which I added a cube with a texture of one of the images in the database. The list of recognised images is always empty :confused:

I’m using v1.7.0 of the SDK and the emulator.