Unable to purchase nreal light devkit

After creating an account, I attempt to login. The web site doesn’t allow me to authenticate and presents error message “Something went wrong!”. I registered twice. Same issue. How can I purchase?

I received an email from nreal instructing me to fill out a developer application. However, the link in the email returns a web page that is incomplete. You can see that there is template markup on the web page. Please advise.

Sorry to ask but is there a reason to get a devkit specifically?? You can develop on a consumer version with a compatible phone. They are available now and much cheaper.

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Aside from the website errors, if developers are able to purchase the consumer version and please show me where it may be purchased. Because I see nowhere on the website where that version can be purchased.

May depend where you are, but you can get consumer glasses from eBay. I have bought some and they shipped from South Korea to the UK.

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I had the same problem, went Incognito and was fine.
Then I disable my ad block and notice it was the problem.
Works for me now, hopefully this will also for you.

I found some on ebay but they are listed as LG U+ black versions. Any idea if these would work with (for example) a OP9 Pro from UK?
I’m worried that they might be region/provided locked and can’t use Nebula.