Uninstall beam updates?

When I got the beam first I could play videos and watch them without latency problems! Then after the first update due to drm it didn’t work anymore. Now after the newest update I can watch my videos again but the bad latency does not make it usable! Is it somehow possible to uninstall the last two updates? Also wired connection does not work anymore! If it stays like this then there is no use for the beam! Are you actually not testing the beam before you releasing a new update? I like the glasses but with the beam so far I feel scammed!

Hi, so sorry for the issue that you had. The system will be fully tested before release. Could you please tell me what phone you are using? Android or iPhone, the specific model is required if possible. And about the wired connection, the default C-C cable is recommended, please confirm if the cable supports the transmission of DP signal.