Unity: Canvas with screen space - Camera Overlay - not working on glasses.?

I’m trying to make a canvas overlay, So it’s element will always be on top any other objects in the screen.
It’s just not working, In the simulator in the computer it’s working fine, but when I’m running It on the glasses (NREAL LIGHT), nothing on that canvas is being shown. Any idea on how to achieve that behavior ? Will share anything that might help… Thanks!

Hi, do you mean the Screen Space-Overlay and Camera modes for Canvas? If so, then no, the glass only supports World Space mode currently.

Thanks mate. My work around is to have a canvas in world space but a child of the centerAnchor object. Closest I can get to an overlay, but it still can collide with objects in space.

Hello, will you add the possibility to use the screen Space-Overlay and Camera mode in the future ?

Hi, I’m not sure, but I will submit this request internally.

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