Unity Game Crashes with Nreal glasses

I’ve built a Unity game, but it freezes and crashes 70% of the time.

I have a particle system in the unity scene. I thought the particles might be the performance issue, so I removed them and places a video canvas of the particles effects instead, but the game still freezes after a minute or so.
My phone is an Oppo Find X3 Pro (Snapdragon 888 Octacore)

Could someone explain where the problem is?

Thanks in advance

Hi, there are two tips for you. 1. Please turn off the Auto Adjustment of Brightness function of your Oppo phone. 2. Please check if the target API and minimum API you configured in Unity are compatible with the phone system.

Thank you so much. The crash problem is solved by updating API to v31. The remaining problem is there are some flickers on the particles. Could you please advise on how to solve it?

(I already tried to simplify the particle material and make them more GPU-efficient so I use ‘URP unlit particle’ material. I share my player settings with you.)

I also have another problem which occurs recently. the rendering seems somehow stable when I am standing. as soon as I walk it starts to shake and glitch. :frowning:

Hi, could you please tell me more details about the particle system? What kind of SDK is it from? And also, what rendering settings you used in Unity? Thanks in advance.