Updating Computational Unit

Hi everyone!

I see that the computational unit is stuck with Android 8, is there any way to update it to a more recent one?

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Hi developer, thanks for your feedback. We will take this into consideration. Could you please tell me which version is preferred? Android 10 or 11?

Well, I guess 11 would be more future proof, allowing to develop for API Level 30 directly on it.


ANy update about this? Wondering If I should update my Dev Kit computer Beyond Anrdoid Version 8.1.0…

Hi, V8.1 is the latest version currently.

Will there be an update to 11?

The plan is not clear currently. We’re trying to push it.

Trying to help: push-push


It would be nice to have it

Any updates? It would be great to be able to update to more current versions.

+1 on this. We need up to date compute units for better development.
The compute units seem to be Project Treble compatible.

Nreal doesn’t have to do the burden of update. We as a developer community could provide an update if you would release the firmware, bootloader and system images to the public.

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